What does your trade show booth display really say to your Client?

Posted by Sherry 20/03/2018 0 Comment(s)

"People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it." ~Simon Sinek  

How often do you think about your business? Its progress, its challenges, its success – its future. Upon what do you base those thoughts? Are you wondering if what you are doing is right? Perhaps you question if how you are doing it is best for your business. 

Have you ever asked yourself why you are doing what you are doing? If not, you may be answering the wrong questions.

Simon Sinek illustrates the importance of this method of thinking with what he refers to as “The Golden Circle”. Within this circle are the 3 questions that are the foundation of most businesses, and what are commonly used in their communication through marketing and sales to their clients. 


What, how, and why. 

Every business knows what they do. At Agility Displays for example, we provide trade show booths and displays for our clients, that they in turn use to introduce and sell their products to their clients. Simple enough. If you have a marketing event, we have the items you need to showcase your products.

This goal being established, the client may determine how they are going to prepare for such a marketing event. They prepare their branding, they determine their budget, they design their booth or exhibit; they get ready for the big show. The remainder of the preparation is focused on the “how”.

So here we go. The display is up, the team is dressed in their polo shirt and khakis, the ad specialties are spewed across the branded table throws, everyone smiles, and up walks the first Client with the first question.

“So why are you in this business?”…. Crickets .… Suddenly anxious team members glance from one to the other searching for just the right answer, yet no one has one to offer. “Was this in the handbook?” They whisper among themselves. “What are we supposed to say?” “Wasn’t this his uncle’s business or something?”

As Simon Sinek will tell anyone wise enough to listen, your most important and valuable marketing story is that which explains your “why” for your business. The passion you have for what you do translates into the best service, the brightest and most creative ideas, and the greatest benefits to your clients. When you are working at something for which you are truly passionate, it shows in every way. 

This is a concept I know firsthand. I have been associated with the tradeshow industry for many years and from literally all angles. It has become more than a job or a business for me, it has become my personal achievement. I enjoy spending my time working to provide my clients the guidance, support, and dependability they deserve to present their best business impression to their tradeshow guests and competitors.

Whether it’s your first experience in business, or you’ve been doing the same thing for many years, the wisdom of Simon Sinek’s simple Golden Circle can help you reevaluate how you are approaching your business and training your employees. You can rest assured that Agility Displays “gets it” and will approach the best solutions for your marketing displays as well.

We’ll keep the “Why” out front for you.

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